Welcome to MusicTots!

This is your source for world class early childhood music education in  London!

Our classes were previously held at The Brabazon Community Centre but we have moved everything online Via Zoom to keep everyone safe from Covid 19.

Classes are based on the award winning, internationally renowned  “The Music Class®” curriculum and are a great parent & child activity to introduce your children to the wonders of music, foster bonding and aid in early brain development.  We teach the Pups Classes® For ages birth through 5 years old.

Every family that registers will not only have access to our “At Home” classes via Zoom, but will also receive a digital copy of all the music from The Bear Collection® and a PDF book with all the lead sheets and coloring sheets as well! With over 30 tracks in each collection you will have loads of entertainment and educational value from this download alone!

We highly recommend that you listen to the music as much as possible because we know that the kids who are most familiar with the music are most likely to participate in class and get the most educational value out of the classes.

We will begin our Winter Term on Monday 23rd November and it will run for 10 weeks with a break for Christmas the week beginning  21st Dec.

To register for our Winter Term please go to our Classes Page!

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Please to join me for a Free Taster Class! 11th November 2020 at 11 AM via Zoom

**Just added a new Taster class on 16th November 2020 at 11:30 AM via Zoom**

To register for the Free Taster Class please email Temple with your names and number attending. templemusictots@gmail.com

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